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In the course of its performance on the GSA Networx and Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contracts, CNC developed the analytical tools shown below. Comparable tools can be developed to support other acquisition programs.

  • Solicitation and SOW Assistance Tool (SSAT, a.k.a. SOW-ASSIST) - SSAT facilitates creation of solicitations for services from government telecom contracts. An SSAT expert meets with an agency to understand and enter agency requirements. SSAT then produces a Word document in Uniform Contract Format (UCF), which the agency completes (based on instructions within the document) to obtain a solicitation in a fraction of the time that it typically takes to produce such an artifact. SSAT supports Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS), Networx, and Connections II.


  • NSP EIS Agency Transition Cost Estimator Tool (EATCE) – EATCE is a tool and process, used by an EATCE expert, that produces a budget estimate for an agency to transition from expiring telecom services contracts (Networx, WITS, and Regional Local Service Agreements) to EIS (including CLIN-level justifications for the cost estimates). The estimate includes installation/start-up charges and costs for one or more months of parallel operation. Similar tools can be developed to produce transition budgets for other types of technology transitions using other contract vehicles, and can be configured to provide IGCEs, cost comparisons, CLIN order lists and CLIN disconnect lists.


  • Target Assessment Framework (TAF) – TAF evaluates prices submitted by vendors against target/reference prices and produces analysis reports. The tool can handle format variability in price data submitted by vendors. It can also perform evaluation of resubmitted prices relative to original prices for BAFOs or multiple rounds of price negotiations. This is a critical tool for performing price proposal evaluation on large numbers of price points in a timely manner.

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