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NIH Decentralization


CNC is currently providing the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) with data analytics and data standardization support for the department’s TechTracS system, which centrally tracks and monitors the NIH’s technology transfer functions that consist of over $100 Million in annual technology transfer agreements that include License Agreements on existing patents, Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs), Clinical Trial Agreements (CTAs), and Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs).  Technology transfer at the NIH is a process which transfers medical knowledge from NIH laboratories to other organizations for the purpose of developing that knowledge into medical products to enhance the public health.


A recent decentralization of the technology transfer agreement reporting process resulted in a rise in users and the volume of data records leading to inconsistencies, deficiencies, and general data entry issues associated with data records contained in the TechTracS system.  Based on the need to reconcile the TechTracS data records, CNC has been contracted by OTT to perform a thorough review of the organization’s data gathering process in order to detect data deficiencies and establish data cleansing processes.  CNC’s support services include:

  • Providing reviews of the program’s records, data, internal database, and processes associated with the TechTracS database. 

  • Performing quality assurance reviews of HHS Technology Transfer Act patent records.

  • Assisting the OTT management team with the oversight of data collection, compilation, data entry, analysis of data, and compilation of reports in TechTracS system as well as other various OTT systems and databases.

  • Performing data audits and quality checks of technology agreement records.

  • Performing data analysis and support data integrity through the development and maintenance of data dictionaries and performance metrics.

  • Developing Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) for validating, entering, and correcting new data in TechTracS.

  • Providing oversight on assigned projects and leading segments of significant and complex data-focused TechTracS modernization projects. 

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