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US House of Representatives Identity and Access Management

CNC supports the US House of Representatives in developing its plans for Identity and Access Management (IAM). A recently completed project was to provide a series of strategic and tactical recommendations to align, improve, and deliver world-class IAM services to the House environment.

CNC developed numerous recommendations organized into three phases (Foundational, Impactful, Strategic). The recommendations and the phased order provided the affected organizations with a method to make immediate and long-lasting changes to the overall House IT environment in an incremental fashion, taking resource and funding limitations into consideration.

These recommendations embodied a risk-based approach to IAM that enable the organization to consistently identify the risks they face and couple that with their IAM capabilities. By integrating risk governance and identity solutions, the House can apply the right user access, assurance, and compliance measures to reduce identity risk while meeting their security needs. This provides a more flexible framework that offers the business, who know their data the best, a structured and managed way to have input into the controls.

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