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GSA's Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) Contract

Converge Networks Corporation (CNC) is the current Prime Contractor supporting the GSA TAAS contract on the groundbreaking $50 billion EIS contract for telecommunications and IT infrastructure.

Converge Networks Corporation (CNC) is the current Prime Contractor supporting the GSA TAAS contract on the groundbreaking Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract for telecommunications and IT infrastructure. This effort culminated in 10 vendor awards in July 2017.


The $50 Billion, 15 year, multiple award IDIQ EIS contract will be the government-wide replacement for expiring Networx, WITS3, and Local Service Agreements (LSAs) contracts. EIS will also serve as the contract vehicle for modernization initiatives recommended by the recent draft Report to the President on Federal IT Modernization.


“CNC’s work with EIS process improvement initiatives such as the Best Practices & SOW Templates initiative and the SOW-ASSIST tool and the EIS Agency Transition Cost Estimation (EATCE) project has resulted in CNC having unmatched knowledge and experience utilizing the very tools and processes that will be employed during the agency EIS transitions, greatly saving clients’ time and money.”


  1. Access Arrangements

  2. Audio Conferencing Service

  3. Contact Center Service

  4. Content Delivery Network Service

  5. Commercial Fixed Satellite Service

  6. Collocated Hosting Service

  7. Commercial Mobile Satellite Service

  8. Circuit Switched Data Service

  9. Circuit Switched Voice Service

  10. Cable and Wiring

  11. Dark Fiber Service

  12. Ethernet Transport Service

  13. Infrastructure as a Service

  14. Internet Protocol Service

  15. Internet Protocol Voice Service

  16. Service Related Labor

  17. Managed Mobility Service

  18. Managed Network Service

  19. Managed Security Service

  20. Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service

  21. Wireless Service

  22. Optical Wavelength Service

  23. Platform as a Service

  24. Private Line Service

  25. Software as a Service

  26. Synchronized Optical Network Service

  27. Service Related Equipment

  28. Toll Free Service

  29. Unified Communications Service

  30. Virtual Private Network Service

  31. Video Teleconferencing Service

  32. Web Conferencing Service

CNC's SMEs worked with GSA and the vendor community to define a deep and broad set of services. The EIS contract comprises 32 services offered with very competitive pricing.  Vendors can offer even lower prices to an agency without requiring a contract modification that would make those same prices available to all other agencies – hence agencies can obtain volume discounts when warranted.


Services can be combined or tailored into solutions to support an agency’s unique requirements.  To accommodate this flexibility EIS includes Task Order Unique CLINs (TUCs).  TUCs can provide service bundling (with associated discounted pricing) and/or be used to satisfy unique requirements that do not require modifying the EIS contract, unlike previous GSA telecommunications contracts.    


To accommodate equipment and services that are rapidly evolving, EIS provides a services catalog. Catalog items can be dynamically added by the offeror and ordered using discount CLINs, also without requiring a modification to the contract.

EIS has additional flexibility by enabling an offeror to offer an EIS services or locations that it does not currently provide – without a forbearance period -- which will be added to the EIS contract, if it is deemed fair and reasonable. Leveraging our five years of in depth experience with EIS, we continue to provide post award support.

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