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Data Analytics 

Clients face considerable challenges in improving methods of managing, analyzing, and sharing unprecedented influxes of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data from countless sources to drive better decision-making around policies and programs, improve operational efficiency, and mitigate enterprise risk.  CNC’s data analytics practices are designed to analyze our clients’ organizational disparate data and identify new opportunities to utilize agency data across a wide variety of platforms and repositories to ensure that organizational data is able to be shared across the enterprise. Those practices include:

  • Enterprise data and analytics strategy

  • Data standardization

  • Data modeling

  • Data transformation, aggregation, and integration

  • Enterprise business intelligence

  • Data and analytics technology design and implementation (cloud-based, open source, and commercial tools)

  • Big data and text analytics solutions

  • Predictive analytics using risk-based models and decision engines

  • Information protection and governance

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