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EIS "Best in Class"


Designation of EIS as "Best in Class" (BIC)


The Office of Management and Budget (OMB), with the support of the Government-wide Category Management Program Management Office, has announced on 4/25/2018 the designation of Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) and Networx Universal and Enterprise as “Best in Class” (BIC).

Best-in-Class is a contracting and acquisition designation used to denote contracts that meet rigorous category management performance criteria as defined by OMB. This EIS BIC-designated contract represents a preferred government-wide solution and provides a unique opportunity to leverage the government's buying power. The EIS BIC designation allows acquisition experts to take advantage of pre-vetted, government-wide contract solutions; supports a government-wide migration to solutions that are mature and market-proven; assists in the optimization of spend, within the government-wide category management framework; and increases the transactional data available for agency level and government- wide analysis of buying behavior.

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