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Transition to EIS

News: CNC Awards

4Q 2018 - Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

CNC was awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for DHS OCIO HQ's  Technology Modernization Requirements Support program.  The goal is to transition/modernize and transition Networx/WITS/LSAs. The scope includes a modernization and consolidation of their financial management systems.  

1Q 2018  - Department of Interior (DOI)

CNC was awarded a contract to support DOI's Interior Business Center (IBC) Acquisition Department (AQD) in their transition of data services to GSA's EIS Contract. CNC is supporting the development of DOI's EIS RFP and associated documentation including the EIS pricing workbooks for data services. 

1Q - 4Q 2018  - General Services Administration (GSA)

CNC supported  the business support services testing of the eight EIS contractors as part of the Management Operations Procedures Support (MOPS) team.  The MOPS team tested all business support platforms  to ensure that they met functional requirements for ordering and billing. 

1Q  2015 - 4Q 2017  - General Services Administration (GSA)

CNC was the lead contractor responsible for supporting the strategy formulation, acquisition planning, business case development,  creation of the Enhanced Infrastructure Services (EIS) contract, and evaluation of the bidder pricing and technical proposals. 

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