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Communication Tower


Acquisition Support


CNC supports the development of acquisition strategies through concept development, requirements definitions and analyses, and technology readiness assessments.  We develop tools that support and streamline the acquisition process. CNC experts also evaluate offeror submissions based on contracting, technical, pricing, and business system test criteria. Our services include the following:

  • Acquisition strategies and plans

  • Market research

  • Developing SOWs, SOOs, and PWSs

  • Developing acquisition tools

  • Key personnel requirements

  • Solicitation packages (RFPs, RFQs, TORs)

  • Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCEs)

  • Source Selection Plans and award criteria

  • Award Fee plans

  • SLAs, award fee metrics, and performance based metrics

  • Evaluation of written and oral proposals

  • Assisting Technical Evaluation Boards

  • Facilitating consensus meetings with evaluators and developing consensus memos

  • Award recommendation memos

  • Cost/price analysis

  • Price negotiation memos

  • Best value determination

  • TEB reports and PNMs in support of protest

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